‘Who Will Defend Canada?’

The House of Commons has passed ‘M-103’, a non-binding motion condemning ‘Islamophobia’ and religious discrimination.

“All NDP and nearly all Liberal MPs supported the motion, which passed 201-91. The majority of Conservative MPs voted against, with leadership candidate Michael Chong and Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton voting in favour. Mississauga Liberal MP Gagan Sikand and Barrie Conservative MP Alex Nuttall both abstained…

Some MPs, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, were not in the House for the vote
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‘Practicing Censorship’

Fascist supporters of ‘M-103’, dressed in terrorist clothing, attack man wearing Canadian flag: 


“Two protests were held in Montreal, one consisting of supporters of a motion before Parliament that condemns ‘Islamophobia’, the other by critics of the motion…

“A similar protest took place in front of Toronto city hall, where some counter-protesters were escorted away by Toronto police. Photos show police tackling one protester to the ground…” Continue reading

‘Expanding Our Coverage’


We will now be using this page — ‘One Nation, One Law, Canada’ — to focus on other aspects of legal inequality in Canada in addition to the aboriginal issue. This will include the anti-English discrimination in Quebec and the federal civil service, as well as the Islamic push for special legal rights. We will also continue to examine the complicity of the Canadian legal profession in propagating and profiting from legal inequality…